Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NPS has the following feature and benefits

  •     Open to all Indian citizens including NRI's aged between 18-60 yrs.

  •     Pension contribution invested by professional PFM's.

  •     Lowest Fund Management charges.

  •     Regulatory efficiency.

  •     Offers/portability - account can be operated from anywhere in the country.

  •     After subscribers retire at the age of 60, they may choose to purchase an annuity for an amount 40% or greater than it and withdraw the remaining pension wealth in lump sum.

  •     Subscribers have an option of selecting an annuity which will pay pension to them/their nominee.

  •     Withdrawable facility under Tier-II Account.

  •     No Entry and Exit Loads with Transparent Fee Based System.


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  2. How can I get my payment receipt?????


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